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This is an open-access website for anyone looking for information about smell training.  

I lost my sense of smell in 2012 after a sinus infection. I am largely recovered,  now scoring as "normal" on the Sniffin' Sticks test, but I still have a considerable degree of smell distortion.

I became very interested in smell training after it was suggested to me by my ENT.

I continue to smell train and help others who wish to try this promising therapy. Contact me here to see about joining me for a smell training session. Regrettably, I now have so many enquiries that I have to make a charge for these services which are invoiced through PayPal.

I am not a doctor, and the contents of this website are not meant to replace the guidance of a healthcare professional. Anyone with queries about their sense of smell should be evaluated before making use of the information on this website. 

Christine Kelly MSc BA

Christine Kelly MSc BA

Here's what I have been up to...



“Do you smell what I smell?” BBC World Service podcast from the CrowdScience series, which aired on 23 November, 2018. Chris is featured on the downloadable version of the podcast.


Chris talks about her experience with smell loss and smell training in this video, where she appears with Professor Thomas Hummel of the University of Dresden.


Chris spoke at the recent conference on Identifying Treatments for Taste and Smell Disorders in Philadelphia 14-15 November 2018. She spoke about the developing patient community on the internet, and how the building patient group can add to the discussion about treatments.

Featured on NPR affiliate WHYY in Philadelphia
September 2016 "Retraining the brain after losing the ability to smell". 

Featured on NPR affiliate WHYY in Philadelphia
September 2016 "Retraining the brain after losing the ability to smell". 

Smell Training Workshop at the Monell Center, Philadelphia, August 2016

Featured in an article by the Fragrance Foundation
September 2016 "Using Perfumers' Skills to Learn to Smell".

Featured in The Scientist Magazine
November 2016 "Regularly Whiffing Essential Oils Can Retrain Lost Sense of Smell

Addressed doctors at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia on the subject of smell training and the anosmic patient's experience, August 10, 2016. 

Smell Training Session at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia August 9, 2016. We had a super day with participants who had anosmia, as well as members of Monell's research community. Monell is at the forefront of olfactory research and their scientists are eager to deepen their ties to the anosmia  community. 

Attendee | UK Semiochemistry Network Workshop XXIV, University of Cambridge,  July 2016

Interviewed for "The Neglected Sense", a BBC Radio 4 documentary on 12 April 2016, where I describe living with anosmia and smell training.   

Speaker | Being Human Festival "Consider Smell" event, November 21, 2015 at the Royal College of Art

Attendee | Smell and Taste 07, October 2015. A practical introduction to the physiology and pathophysiology of the chemical senses; Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden. Course run by Professor Thomas Hummel.

Featured in Woman and Home Magazine "It happened to me: I lost my sense of smell",  August 2015

Attendee | UK Semiochemistry Network Workshop XXIII, University of Cambridge, 21-22 July 2015

Speaker |  Design with Scents, London. July 7, 2015

Winner of Best Poster, "Smell Training" at the IFST Sensory Science Group Conference, "Slice of Sensory" May 18, 2015

Guest | BBC Radio 4 "Saturday Live", March 14, 2015, discussing anosmia and smell training. 

Participant, | Being Human Festival, "Rethinking the Senses" event, 21 November 2014, Dana Centre, London.

Session leader | Smell Training, Fifth Sense Second Annual Conference, November 1, 2014, University of Surrey, Guildford.

Speaker | "Smell Training" at  UK Semiochemistry Network Workshop XXII, University of Cambridge, 23 July 2014

Speaker | "Smell Training" at the Fifth Sense launch event, March 15, 2014

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