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NEW! Online Smell Training course for beginners October 29 3:00pm London time

The second online smell training course for beginners will happen on Sunday, October 29th at 3:00 pm London time. This time, we will be using Skype.

This is a two hour online course on the basics of smell training, meant for post-viral anosmics or other acquired anosmics who are experiencing a start to recovery. We will be using Skype for the event, and you will hear me speak about smell training, what it is and how it works, how best to use it, and the tools you need. In order to get the full value from the event, you should have your own smell training kit to hand during the session. The session is limited to six people, which will give some time for questions at the end. This online course is an attempt to give people who are not geographically close to me the chance of learning more about the method.

To book your place, click here, then scroll down to the Online Smell Training Course for Beginners. 

• You need to have your own smell training kit to hand, so either download the instructions or purchase one here.  There will be ample opportunity to obtain a kit from me before the training day, but you must place your order before October 10.

• Please check your own time zone, so that you are aware what time the course begins in your area at the start time of 3:00pm London time

• After purchasing your ticket, you will receive a message asking you to send me your Skype contact details so that I can initiate the group Skype session on the day. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the 29th!