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Smell Training Workshop at the Monell Center, Philadelphia

I will be at the Monell Center in Philadelphia on the 22nd of June for for a session of smell training. The session runs from 4:00 - 7:00 and will include a talk by Dr Beverley Cowart on the medical side of anosmia, followed by my discussion of smell training. We will be covering the history of this therapy, my experience, pitfalls, workarounds, the importance of malodors and more. Every guest will get a smell training kit of four jars to take home, plus the chance to make a couple more if they want from the other essential oils that have been generously sponsored by Young Living. Following the smell training portion of the program, there will be a demonstration by Leah Holzl, who will speak to us about her approach to food for those with a smell disorder.

For further information, click here to get to the Monell website