Anosmia Awareness Day: the importance of spreading the word

Anosmia Awareness Day

February 27 is Anosmia Awareness Day, and all of you who are reading this are footsoldiers in the fight against ignorance of anosmia and smell dysfunction.

I recently updated the website for, the website of Daniel Schein, founder of Anosmia Awareness Day. Our partner in this has been the Monell Centre in Philadelphia, which is at the forefront of olfaction research. The updated website aims to be the go-to resource for anyone combing the internet for information about anosmia. Please take a look at it yourself. We hope that you will find information of use to you.  Or, maybe you will know of new resources, or you have started a blog, or seen an article about anosmia that should be listed on the website. If you have suggestions, please get in touch via the contact page.

But most of all, keep sharing your stories. The anosmia community needs you. Frustrated with food? Tired of the tastlessness? Curious about cacosmia? Chuffed with recent changes? Get onto the Facebook pages and share your news. Discussion is bringing us together, helping us be heard, and raising our profile.

Debbie Jinks has started an amazing Facebook group called Living Well with Anosmia. It aims to discuss work-arounds and positive ways forward for all aspects of living with smell dysfunction. On this page I am trying to help people understand the subtleties of smell training, what it is, and what it isn’t. I still believe that it is the best therapy available for post-viral (and some lucky TBI) patients.

But the main thing is to get stuck in! Please join us, and spread the word on Anosmia Awareness Day. Post a photo of yourself in red on twitter or instagram, with #anosmiaaware.