How to make a smell training kit

Making your own smell training kit



Anyone can make their own smell training kit, and it needn’t be expensive.


The most important aspect of smell training is to do it so that the act of smelling becomes a habit that you take with you in your daily life. The smell training method referred to here ( is one way to start up this habit.  


You will need:

•  12 x 30ml/1 oz amber coloured jars, available on eBay

•  four essential oils: rose, lemon, eucalyptus, clove

•  absorbent paper, such as watercolour paper, and scissors

•  sticky labels


This makes 3 sets of smell training oils, with 4 jars each.

1. Cut out 12 circles of absorbent paper to fit snugly inside the bottom of the jars. 

2. Place a paper disc in each jar. 

3. Label your jars and your lids (example: "lemon" on the jar, and "lemon" on the lid). Lids will take on the smell of the material in the jar; don’t mix up jars and lids. You will be making 3 jars of rose, 3 jars of clove, 3 of lemon and 3 of eucalyptus.

4. Put the oils into each jar: you will need about 8 drops of oil on each absorbent paper disc

5. Keep one set (1 each rose, clove, lemon and eucalyptus) by your bed, one at your place of work, and another where you will see it during the day and be reminded to use it--kitchen? car? bathroom?

6. Keep the lids firmly on when not in use, and change out the absorbent discs every few months. 

7. Store your oils in the fridge.

Notes: amber coloured jars protect the oils from sunlight, but you could also use any transparent jar, as long as you keep it well protected from light. These will probably be bulkier than the 30ml/1 oz size, and you won’t want them cluttering up your bedside table, but the advantage is they are cheaper.

You don’t need to use these particular essential oils. If parosmia is a problem for you, choose oils that smell palatable. You can also smell train with things: coffee beans, spices, herbs, rubber bands, anything with a smell that you can tolerate. If you are at the stage where you really can’t smell much at all, stick with the essential oils.