New! Smell training kits on ebay

A new batch of Smell Training kits are now available on Ebay.

Many of the people who contact me about making kits don’t feel confident about getting it right if they make them themselves.  

I have now put together these three kits for those of you who want them. The original Hummel 4 smell training kit, and two of the advanced kits.

The original Hummel 4 Smell Training kit has the four essential oils applied to the absorbent discs (rose, lemon, clove, eucalyptus). Please note that there is no liquid in these jars, just absorbent discs that have been saturated with essential oils. You may reuse the jars. 

The Triangle Tests and Smell the Difference tests are quite different from the test above and are for advanced smell trainers. You will find full instructions with the kit, as well as further information on this website -- see the pdf marked “Advanced Smell Training”. 


Why are some kits in jars and others in tubes? The jars are the preferred method for smell training, but tubes are used here because they are lighter and more easy to send by post. 

How long do the kits last? Kits should last three months, but you must keep the tops on when not in use, and also you must be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight.

What if I need more information? Please use the contact page to send a request

Original Hummel 4 smell training kit can be found here


The Triangle Test kit can be found here

The Smell the Difference test kit can be found here