Start where you are...

If you have a smell disorder and are going to start smell training, it might be useful for you to find out where you are right now with your sense of smell. 

You can download a pdf to print here.  Here is an excerpt:


What can you smell today?

Whether you have just learned you have anosmia/hyposmia, or have had it a number of years, the best way of tracking any progress over time is to make a thorough inventory of the smells in your environment. This provides a baseline against which you can measure any change. Below you will find a list of common smells.

How it works

You should keep the list handy for about a week, ticking off smells as you come across them. You could keep it in your handbag or near your place of work. The options are fairly limited: you will have to decide whether you

• perceive nothing at all

• You are slightly aware of the presence of a smell

• You can detect this smell well

and then

• this smell is the way you expect it to be

• this smell is distorted

The smells are divided into categories for your convenience. Don't feel that you need to try all the smells listed and don't be put off if you can't detect or recognise many of the smells that you try at first.  The idea is to keep revisiting some of the smells on the list, ideally in tandem with ongoing smell training (  Hopefully your ability to detect and recognise certain smells will improve over time and that you can start to detect new ones too.

Download the pdf for the full version, which includes a tick list.