Start here if you want to learn how to use smell training. This program is generally for people who are recovering from an upper respiratory tract infection.

You can see a video about smell training made by the Monell Center in Philadelphia by clicking here

1. Start where you are. Use this to understand your sense of smell today.
Click here to view "Start where you are". 

2. A.T.T.N: Assess, train, take note. Putting it all together so that you can see any progress over time.
Click here to view "A.T.TN to smell"

3. Smell training kits. Learn how to make one by clicking here

4. Advanced training. Set yourself some challenges if you are making progress. Click here to view "Advanced smell training techniques". 

The original smell training kits, for those who do not want to invest in essential oils and sourcing the jars, are now available at ebay by clicking here.  Two sets of advanced training kits are also now available. Click here for the Triangle test, and here for the Smell the Difference set